Stop asking for pull request reviews

Daily digests of pending reviews delivered to your teammates via email.

Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required.

Waiting for a long time

Reviews that were requested more than 2 days ago.

Low-hanging fruit

Pull requests small enough to review in a few minutes.

Code changes

Pull request was updated since your review.

Latest review requests

Pull requests created within last 2 days you haven't reviewed yet.

How it works

Install on GitHub

Install Reviewbunny in your GitHub organization to get data about pending pull request reviews.

Invite teammates

Ask your teammates to log into Reviewbunny and they'll automatically join your organization.

Receive daily digests

Reviewbunny will start sending daily digests of pending pull requests to your teammates' inboxes.



  • Fixed price no matter how big your team is
  • Unlimited organizations and repositories
  • Daily email digests for the entire team
  • Human support from me
  • Free trial for 14 days without a credit card

What's the story

Hey there, I'm Vadim, and here's why I built Reviewbunny.

I have been working remotely from Ukraine with startups in US time zones for the past 10 years. There's at least a 7-hour difference between us, so the cost of missed pull request reviews is high.

I can't message anyone, because my work hours don't overlap with theirs. That can lead to being blocked from doing some work or deploying important features. The same goes for me, if I forget to review someone else's work, they're blocked too.

That's why I built Reviewbunny — daily reminders of pending pull requests for teams. I didn't want it to be annoying, so the idea is to send emails in the morning with a simple list of links to PRs. You can also log in to your dashboard and check the list anytime you want.

That's pretty much it. Reviewbunny is your team's little helper that lives on its own and does its job quietly. My email door is always open. Feel free to drop me a message at



This is Reviewbunny's journey to $100 MRR.

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43 Users signed up
5,293 Pull requests processed